The Brothers Gray


I ducked behind a boulder and not a second too soon! A bloodthirsty pack of trolls came barreling down the hill. Then they stopped, and I heard the jingle of coins. “Gravehound says ten gold for each halfling, and a bonus if we don’t burn or break the mills. Got that!?! The mills are the huts with the big wheels! Ok? You break a mill, I break you!!!” It was the chieftain barking orders.

Then one of the other trolls began to argue with the chieftain. “Why have we got to follow the baron’s orders? Why don’t we just kill the baron and take all his riches?!” The other trolls seemed to like this idea, and so they joined in with their own complaints: “Yeah! We could crush those stupid humans and take their castle for our own!” “You dare to question ME!? You are too dumb to take the human castle!” Or something along those lines; I don’t remember exactly. But, it was clear that a fight was about to break out, a match to see who was more fit to lead the group. I cowered behind the rock. I couldn’t see what happened, but, by the sound of it, it was a short fight. The chieftain got the group back in order and continued down the hill, to the halfling village, where the Brothers Gray used to live.

—Tolfin Ippleaf, Halfling Scout

The Brothers Gray

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