The Coin and the Dagger

Chapter 3


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This morning, we fought a group of goblins. They were a disorganized group, and we defeated them with little effort (or should I say, little of my effort). Guzerat was taken down, but I fought and killed the two goblins still standing. One goblin we did not kill, however. I cannot explain why, but when I raised my sword to kill him, I could not. I am weak, useless. As it happened, we extracted some potentially useful information out of him. We also figured out his name, Splug. He told us that there was a goblin hideout nearby, but that they had erected a very dangerous trap to keep out intruders. I can understand that, at least. We went to the keep, to make contact with a friend of Guzerat’s, a half-elf priestess of Avandra named Chendera. She gave us 2 healing potions, one for free, and 1 for 50 gp. I set about accumulating some wealth for ourselves by, shall we say, accquiring, certain valuable jewels. I am sure we can sell them to a prospective buyer somewhere else. None of this could have been done without the magic armour I accquired in the mine. (Yes, Guzerat, you conveniently forgot to mention that I can become invisible.)



Nice adventure log!!!


Chapter 3
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