The Coin and the Dagger

Chapter 1

The Brothers Gray


Today, I, Book, and that shaggy beast they call “Debu” ventured into the city. We saw the sign for a bounty. I was not quite interested, but the other two were, so I held my tongue (and my pride) and we ventured into the ruins of a mining operation. There we were greeted by some human bandits, but they were a rabble. My companions struggled against them, but I was more focused on the lone goblin sharpshooter raining crossbow bolts on my companions. He turned and ran when I unleashed a barrage of energy volts at him. Then, I dispatched the remaining rabble. My companions, suitably humbled, followed in my wake to the entrance of the mine.

As we approached the entrance, I instructed my companions to stay put for thirty counts. Then, like darkness itself, I stealthily glided into the mine. My companions came in as well, with a torch. Their useless eyes could not see. I instantly spotted two horses, but I glided past them. Then I saw a halfling suspended from the ceiling with a sling, and two stirges. A battle ensued. I melted in and out of the shadows, striking painful blows with my blade or my arcane blows. The stirges instantly stuck to Book. My first instinct was to assist him, but I knew I would be better off where I was. Guzerat summoned a massive toad, which licked at enemies. Another halfling came out of the shadows, but as he moved past me, I caught him a blow with my blade. My allies quickly dispatched him, but reinforcements came in the form of our goblin from before. I promptly slew him with but two blows. The fight raged on.


Great adv. log.
Trying to sound… ARROGANT!?!

Chapter 1

oh, how chee

Chapter 1


Chapter 1
dinu_n_deshpande dinu_n_deshpande

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